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Secondary Research

Secondary analysis involves additions and/or deductions from presently gathered information.
There are many ways we tend to try this:

- Search and gather information on a corporation
- Research all third-party reviews
- Gather information on competitors
- Company financial reports and bank payments
- Review & revealing earnings transcripts, graph displays, and money models
- Analyst reports
- Coverage reports provide you with the analysis of the business.
- Business Development
- Important Developments within the business may be non-inheritable
- Company profiles and competitors profiles
- Profile inclusion—SWOTs, company histories, market shares, key merchandise and segments
- Utilize Technology enhancements
- Media driven company/corporation news and articles

Primary Research

Primary analysis involves grouping information from shoppers and connected parties from the start.

- Customers, Partners, and Former staff members
- Rating and review details
- Junk mail and postal issues
- Customer level analytical platforms
- Face to face and/or telephone interviews with customers, partners or staff
- Surveys & questionnaires